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Computing department mission statement – our aim!

Engage, inspire and empower the learners of today to become the innovators of tomorrow…

Some information for parents:

In September 2014, computing replaced ICT as a national curriculum subject at all key stages. There are 3 strands within computing: computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

Computer science is the scientific and practical study of computation: what can be computed, how to compute it, and how computation may be applied to the solution of problems.

Information Technology is concerned with how computers and telecommunications equipment work, and how they can be applied to the storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation of data.

Digital literacy is the ability to effectively, responsibly, safely and critically navigate, evaluate and create digital artefacts using a range of digital technologies. (digital artefacts can be digital images, computer programs, spreadsheets, 3D animations and booklets).

Schemes of work