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Examinations – Summer Exams 2018

The Joint Council for Qualifications have provided the following provisional dates for GCSE exams in Summer 2018: Monday 14th May – Friday 22nd June 2018.

Please note that the dates for the Summer 2018 exams published on our website have been provided by the Exam Boards and are subject to change. This exam timetable is a draft. Finalised exam timetables will be issued to candidates at Easter.

Therefore if a student books any holidays before the end of term, ie Friday 20th July 2018, the school does not accept any liability for issues with bookings, should the exam boards make any changes or further actions be required.

Final individual exam timetables have been given to students on 22nd March 2018. They have received two copies each with an accompanying letter containing important information.

Download (PDF, 240KB)

Download (PDF, 226KB)