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KS4 Geography (OCR B Geography for enquiring minds)

There are three elements to the course each containing a summer examination in year 11. They are as follows:

  • Our Natural World (35%)
  • People and Society (35%)
  • Geographical Exploration (30%);

The syllabus covers a mixture of physical and human geography which are vital for understanding interdependence in today’s society. The physical geography topics include; Global Hazards, Changing Climate, Distinctive Landscapes and Sustaining Ecosystems. The human geography aspects cover topics such as; Urban Futures, Dynamic Development, The UK in the 21st Century and Resource Reliance.

Fieldwork is a compulsory requirement for the GCSE therefore students take part in at least two days of fieldwork, firstly a river study and secondly the study of an urban environment. With this data students are required to carry out a range of data presentation/statistical techniques.