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Pupil Premium Documentation

Please see below reports you can download / view regarding our school’s Pupil Premium documentation.



pdf_iconPupil Premium Policy Pupil-Premium-Policy.pdf
pdf_icon2017-18 PP Strategy Statement  2017-18 PP Strategy Statement Final.pdf
pdf_icon2016-17 Review of PP Spends 2016-17 Review of PP Spends.pdf
pdf_iconMeasuring Impact 16-17 Draft Measuring-Impact-16-17-DRAFT.pdf
pdf_icon2016-17 PP SIP  Information 2016-17-PP-SIP-Information.pdf
pdf_icon2016-17 PP Expenditures  Pupil-Premium-expenditures-16-17.pdf
pdf_icon2016-17 Y7 Catch up Funding HCC Y7Catch-Up-Funding-HCC-2016-17.pdf
pdf_iconPP INTENTIONS FOR  2015-16 2015-16-PP-INTENTIONS-FOR-2015-16.pdf
pdf_icon2015-16 Review of PP Measuring Impact 2015-16-Review-of-PP-Measuring-Impact.pdf
pdf_icon2015-16 Y7 Catch Up Measuring Impact 2015-16-Y7-Catch-Up-Measuring-Impact-document.pdf
pdf_icon2015-16 Y7 Catch Up Funding HCC Y7Catch-Up-Funding-HCC-2015-16