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Following the rules…

We are all responsible for our own behaviour.

Hyde staff are here to help guide you towards responsible behaviour and will remind you frequently of our 3 rules.

If you choose not to work within our school rules there will be consequences:

In Lessons:

– If you choose to break our rules your name will be put on the board and you will be reminded of our expectations.

– If you continue to behave in an unacceptable manner, you will receive a 5 minute detention with your class teacher.

– Should you still choose not to behave in a responsible way, you will have a 10 minute detention with your class teacher.

– If you do not take this final opportunity to work within our agreed rules, you will be removed from the classroom and issued with a detention for the following day after school. You will still have to attend the 10 minute detention with your class teacher.

– Violence, swearing, bullying or abuse to staff will result in immediate removal from your lesson.

Out Of Lessons:

The following are some of the behaviour choices that will result in a school detention:

– Running inside school
– Smoking
– Swearing
– Dropping litter
– Eating or drinking on corridors
– Lack of basic equipment
– Using mobile phone/mp3 player

Failure to attend detention will result in your parents being contacted and could lead to exclusion from school.