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Mock Interviews

On the 5th December 2018 our Year 11’s will take part in a mock interview event, with local employers, colleges and training providers giving up their valuable time to interview the students.

Below is some of the feedback from Year 11 students from Last Years Event which was held in November 2017.

Give ways the event helped you prepare for the future:

“To be honest about what I am good and bad at”

“How I should approach an interview”

“To have the correct attitude”

“Gave me more confidence”

What skills did you develop/learn?

“eye contact”


“How to sit properly”

“To listen to the questions”

How did the event improve your confidence?

“It made me answer questions i would not normally answer”

“They made me feel that they wanted to get to know about me”

“It helped me stay calm and focused”

“I can now speak to a stranger more confidently”

How did the event prepare you for college?

“Made me think about my future”

“Types of questions I may get asked”

“Speak normally and do not be scared”

“I know how to answer questions about myself”

What did you learn the most?


“Eye contact”

“Answering questions fully”

“To listen”

“Not to be blunt”

Later this Academic Year (Monday February 4th 2019) our Year 9 students will take part in Industry Day, where they will learn more about the World of Work by interviewing in groups employers from Industry, colleges and training providers.