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Labour Market Information

Ever wondered what job you may be doing in 20 years? Have you ever thought that it may not have been invented yet?

Labour Market Information (LMI) is:

General employment trends – (i.e. unemployment rates; skills gaps; future demand)
The structure of the labour market – (i.e. what jobs exist, how many, which sectors e.g. transport, construction and finance)
The way the labour market functions – (i.e. how people get into jobs & move between employers)
Focusing on equality and diversity – (i.e. which individuals are employed in different sectors, at what levels/pay?)
The interaction between labour demand & supply – (i.e. mismatches – unemployment, skill shortages)
National, regional and local labour market variations – (i.e. size of workforce, prominent sectors, etc.)
Progression routes – (i.e. career structure, earnings, transferability of skills, etc.)

What job will you be doing in 2030?

For the latest information on LMI please check out BridgeGM

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