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Literacy Support

Literacy support is usually offered to year 7 students who have either a low reading age or a low spelling age. They are tested during their transition days in both literacy and numeracy. The literacy test contains an 80 word spelling test and a reading/comprehension booklet, in which the students have 45 minutes to complete.

If a student has a reading and spelling age below 9 years then they are selected for decoding Nurture. Decoding Nurture focuses on phonological awareness and spelling rules which teaches students how to spell, read and write using their decoding skills. There is also an individual task given at the end of every lesson, where students are to re-read the story read in class and answer a series of comprehension based questions on what they’ve read. There is also an activity that focuses on the decoding strategies that they have learnt in class. At the end of the year the students are tested again and the progress made is on average 1 year 6 months, however we do have many students that make above average progress.

If a students has a low reading age (below 9 years) but a high spelling age, then they are selected for comprehension nurture. Comprehension Nurture focuses on students ability to retain information by practising a series of thinking operations. They also learn a large list of synonyms and antonyms and by a series of quick fire questions, students are able to comprehend what is being asked of them and respond accordingly with the information needed. There is also an individual element to nurture in which students are to complete workbook exercises, by being given brief instructions. The progress made is on average 2 years but a large number of students often make more than expected progress.