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At Hyde Community College staff actively reward progress, achievement and effort but not behaviour. Positive Points are awarded to pupils who are making significant progress, who are working to a high standard given their starting point or who staff feel make real effort whatever their ability.

There are many other ways, in addition to Positive Points, in which pupils can be rewarded such as:

  • Simply commenting positively on work or behaviour as often as possible;
  • Recognition Boards;
  • “Well Done” postcards;
  • Letters of commendation;
  • Comments in the pupil’s planner;
  • Phone call home to parents /carers ;
  • Text home to parents/carers
  • Praise and presentation assemblies;
  • Asking pupils to show their work to other staff such as Form Tutor, Head of Year, Head of Upper/Lower School, Head of Department or SLT;
  • Display of pupil’s work on Wow Walls;
  • Rewards trips;
  • ‘Student of the Month’ nominations